How it works

What it’s like

    • After a brief intake, patients sit in comfortable recliners, remove their socks and shoes, roll up their sleeves to the elbows, pants to the knees, and relax.
    • The acupuncturist selects points, usually on the arms and legs and ears.
    • The needles (sterile, disposable, used only once) are in in a matter of minutes.
    • Most people find it calming, many fall asleep.
    • The patient then relaxes back in their chair from 40 minutes to an hour, when the needles are removed.

Details to know

  • Patients usually come frequently at first, two or three times a week, to establish a strong foundation. Treatments can then be spread out.
  • As practitioners of community acupuncture, we charge on a sliding scale from $20 to $50. We also offer specials every month.
  • For a complete schedule and to make your appointment online, call 612-251-8787 or click here.